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​​SG Home WiFi Battery Operated Landscape Stone Camera​




B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector not included in cost. 
B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector +$ 99.99
Monitor your property live with this WiFi-enabled HD hidden camera disguised as a common landscape stone.
Disguised as a common lawn decoration, the SG Home WiFi Landscape Stone Hidden Camera streams live video that you can access from any internet-enabled device. Keep an eye on the exterior of your home or business in real time, in full HD. This outdoor hidden camera's 125-degree field of view gives you a wide angle, covering a lot of ground. The entire SG Home family of cameras connects to your WiFi network almost instantly, and with its free app, you're able to check in on live video no matter where you are. Custom event notifications ensure that you never miss an important moment of footage, and multiple recording modes (including motion and body heat activation) keep you up-to-date on any action.

This outdoor hidden camera's rechargeable battery lasts for an impressive 90 days in standby mode or 16 hours in the continuous recording. Stream your video from wherever you are or use the camera's onboard SD storage (32GB included) to extend the amount of footage you collect. With the SG Home WiFi Landscape Stone Hidden Camera, outdoor security has never been easier.
·        High Definition, 1280x720 Resolution                    
·        Long-Lasting, 90-Day Standby Battery
·        Learns Into WiFi Network Quickly and Easily

SD cards is not included in cost

Build your house on the bed-rock of protetion and security. Stop crime right in there tracks . 
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