Personalized Caregiver Placement

Save your loved one hundreds each month

 Depending on which home care agency you use, the going rates can cost the consumer anywhere between $21-30/hour.  That's a lot of money added over weeks, months, and years. Plus, most families usually find themselves in a financial burden due to the high cost of home care. WELL, NO MORE! Angels of Compassion has put together a service that eliminates agency upcharges, hidden fees, and yearly inflation costs. Together with family members, we negotiate an affordable rate between you and the caregiver and personalize your loved one's care. This service saves you hundreds of dollars a month, allowing your loved one to have financial reassurance, personal care, and peace of mind.   

Personalization of Home Care 

We guarantee 3 Things:
​1. Families end up saving hundreds of dollars a month
2. Caregivers will meet qualifications and the family's values
​3. Family input on terms, conditions, rates, and expectations will be the main focal point in placement.           

What We Provide in a Caregiver Placement:

  • Thorough interviewing screening
  • RN Follow-Up Visits First 60 Days (1 per month)
  • BCI Background Check
  • Bedbug inspection 
  • Drug Screening
  • On-Call RN Available for Questions
    • ​Monthly Well Visits

  • Supply of Documents for Caregiver Charting
  • Security Cams Accessible from Your Smartphone
  • Insurance and Bonding on Caregivers
  • Caregiver contact information
  • 60 Day Placement Guarantee
  • Option to Schedule Nurse Sick Visits

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