Lil' Angels

Lil' Angels In-Home Nanny Care is a  Christian service that is geared towards providing an affordable in-home childcare provider for working moms and dads.  Lil' Angels provides families with  2 things that no other childcare or nanny agency offers to parents: 

1. The right to an affordable hourly rate.

2.  The opportunity and means in hiring the right nanny they desire for their child's needs without the financial strain. 

In-Home Nanny Care

Our heart's desire is to provide your child the same love, mercy, and compassion that Our Lord Jesus Christ has shown to us. When it comes to searching for someone who will love your child as there own, search no more. Let Lil' Angels provide you with peace of mind, security, reassurance, and trust.  Let us put an end to your high cost of child care, by providing you and your child a private In-Home nanny that will help you with your child's needs as well as keeping your home in balance.  To set up a free in-home assessment call 513-829-1186.
We're not just another nanny agency. We have been set apart by God to provide your child/ children the love, protection, and affection they desperately need when you're not around. We become family, not just a nanny.