Home Maker Services

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Plus, it's very hard to find good help. When it comes to your home, you expect nothing but the best, and that's what Angels of Compassion provides when it comes to homemaking.    

  Types of services

Angels of Compassion home maker services is one of a kind. We want to provide you with real help in making your house a home. We understand that there is much more in keeping your home intact, clean, and organized.  Our goal is to provide you with service that will truly be a blessing to your home. You can put together a one time plan or sine up for one of our plans located on our plan tab. 

Your needs

Home Makers make a true blessing for those who are sick at home, recovering from illness,  work odd shifts, or just simply needs help with maintaining and keeping up with household chores. Whatever the case may be, you can now count on us to be there for you. Just keeping a clean house alone will not help you with such home upkeeps, such as meal prep, laundry, walking the dog and organing your closet but we can. We can help with whatever you are in need of to take some of the burdens away from you. Whether you're at home or at work Angels of Compassion Home Makers will be there to assist you in making your house a home.